Our first day in Belgium is coming to a close and I love it so far! Brussels is so much smaller than Paris and today was a holiday so it was also very quiet and calm. After our train ride, we used the metro and got day passes since we didn't know if we would need it later in the day. Two short train stops and then a short walk and we found ourselves at the front door of our apartment! Four ESDES (WWU) girls have been here all week and we're going to share the apartment with them tonight. It's so cozy and warm and they offered us tea right away. We spend some time chatting and settling in and then decided to go to see the basilica and little Europe. We walked through a park up to the cathedral and it was so lovely and autumnal. It was a little drippy out and the leaves were soggy and the air was chilly. 

Once we got to little Europe we stopped for food and [more] Belgium waffles. Belgium waffles are so delicious! You can buy them on carts on the street for a euro and they are not like any waffles I have ever had. They are sweet and warm and delicious. Anyway, then we realized that you had to pay to see little Europe, so we thought we'd skip it. We rode the metro back to the center of Brussels where we looked around as the sun went down. 

So far I love Brussels. I'm not sure what we're doing tomorrow but I'm sure whatever it is will be fun. It's chilly here but it was in Paris too, so I'm sure we'll survive. 
Sheri Seibold
11/1/2012 12:48:10 pm

So glad you are enjoying autumn in France and Belgium, it is so beautiful and moody. The photos are wonderful, love them all.

I also like the group snapshots from the Seth-cam, those are fun to see in each new location. They could almost become a flip book.

11/1/2012 12:56:22 pm

I'm so glad you are getting to enjoy a little autumn. It is much the same here this week. And the Belgium waffle looks and sounds so good.

Have a great time in Brussels and have a safe trip back to ESDES!

11/2/2012 07:58:16 am

I want to try those authentic Belgium waffles!!!

11/6/2012 05:38:39 pm

Oh I sure would love to try a waffle :) And I love the fall photos you've taken! Especially the one with everyone throwing leaves--so cute!


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