Photo credit: Rachel Blake.
Today we had the day off for a school trip into Sagunto! It started at nine and we took the bus into town where Wednesday Market was taking place. Ana, one of our teachers, led the tour into the ancient (and later refurbished) Roman theater where she told all about the history of Sagunto. 

The first location we happened upon was the Santa Maria church. It's a medieval, gothic church with a huge bell that rings every hour. You may recognize it from the photos of the giant gold door from last Friday. Anyway, it's really old and really awesome. 

After the church, we walked through the winding streets to the bottom of the hill where the Roman ruins are. We stopped at the Roman theater where we all sat down and listened to Ana give the history lesson. Basically, the Romans were here, they built a huge fortress on the top of the hill around the first century A.D., and here we are today, and we can see it! It was SO awesome and we can't wait to go back some weekend and explore more! 

After the Roman theater/fortress we went back down to town to the market. There were so many things for sale, from cell phone cases, to grannie panties, to baby shoes. Then there was the food area with all kinds of fresh fruits and veggies. Justin and I each got churro for €1 and Rachel got several large delicious peaches from a nice lady selling fruit. 

At one we boarded the buses and came back to the school for lunch. This afternoon we had a meeting with our Group D monitors (mentors) and then we spent a long time trying to find Spanish people to interview for a class. Before we knew it, it was time for dinner (OH! and laundry!) and the day had flown by. Here'a few of my pictures. Sorry there aren't more explanations. It's getting late and I'm pretty cansado from our adventures today!
Sheri Seibold
9/27/2012 01:46:04 am

Wow, I almost feel like I'm there 1900 years ago. I love the variety of images you are sharing. And always like to see pics of you, J and R. Your field trip was so much neater than ours to the Red Barn Apple Farm. :) Lucky!

Auntie Judy
9/28/2012 12:37:36 pm

Looks like fun! In the one pix of you and Rachel she looks like she may be going into vision and seeing something heavenward. but hey...I do like the Red Barn Apple Farm too...your mom is just getting a little to big for her britches...she's a fancy lady now!

10/7/2012 07:13:14 pm

Oh my goodness you're seeing the most amazing places! You're an amazing writer and photographer Shel :)


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