Another week has come and gone in the life of this ACA student. It was very busy but brought us one step closer to Christmas break! We're only two weeks away now, and with so much to do I am enjoying taking a break this Friday night. 

Monday and Tuesday are the days with the most classes for me, but somehow end up also being the most productive. I managed to read on of my books and finish the paper on it by Wednesday night, taking off a huge load of stress. Another major project is booking the last places to stay for Christmas break which is proving harder than we thought. Luckily we are almost done and we have gotten all the major events organized. 

The best part of my week came yesterday, when Rachel and I got our Christmas care packages from Humanities at Union! I can't even say what my favorite thing was, but the letters and cards from my friends meant more to me than all the candy and goodies and veggie meat. YES, Rachel and I received Vega-Links and two cans of Fri-Chick, much to our glee. The kind they sell here in Europe is not very tasty and we usually avoid it at all costs. My other favorite item was tea in all of my favorite flavors: Chai, green with mango and green with mint.
The Humanities division did an amazing job of sending so much love across so many miles. Our friend Emily was one of the girls in charge of the project and she even knitted Rachel and I each an adorable headband/earwarmer! We also got issues of Human Ties, the Clocktower, and the Peanut Gallery. 

As the weather gets chillier here in Spain, I find myself reminiscing about the midwest and, yes, a white Christmas (which there is a chance of in Lincoln). I've been thinking of my dad and how much he loves the cold and realizing that I do too. Many people have been stating that it is simply freezing outside when it reality it's really just chilly. I guess most of them are from Cali so I can't blame them. I, on the other hand, enjoy bundling up and putting on boots and coats and scarves. I think of my family, cozy in our house in Kansas, talking and making potato soup. I think of my friends, warm in toasty dorm rooms and apartments, studying for finals and feeling the anticipation on campus as students get ready to leave for the break. We might not have snow, and our "cold" might mean nights of 35º and days of 50º, but the holiday spirit is building up here as well. I love walking back from dinner in the dark, the sun setting so early (especially on Friday nights!), and the warmth of my little radiator when I get back to my room. 

Enjoy the holiday season, everyone. Embrace the cold. Drink a cup of tea. Burn some christmas candles. Put on a scarf. Watch Miracle on 34th Street. Happy December!!!
Sheri Seibold
12/1/2012 09:16:37 am

Well, today it had to be vegetable soup (not enough potatoes) and it's about the same temp here as there, this Dec 1. But I sure miss my girl when it's just the two guys in the house besides me and they put up the Christmas tree so that the largest branches are at the top of the tree. Oh, they did NOT follow the diagram and instructions you made for all to follow. Not enough female thinking around here these days. The tree awaits your touch. miss and love ya goo, mom


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