Our second day in Florence was a huge success! Since we had done a lot after we got back from Pisa on our first day, we were able to do everything else we wanted yesterday. Most of the places we went, though, didn't allow photos so I don't have very many from the day.

The first place we went was the Academia Gallery to see the David. We ended up seeing lots of famous art yesterday that I had seen in my Arts and Ideas book, which was sort of cool. After the David we decided to climb the Giotto tower where we could get a good view of the city and of the Duomo. This was one of my favorite parts of the day. As Justin says, "climbing a tower never disappoints" which is quite true. We also went to the Uffizi museum with lots of famous pantings and a good view of the river.

For lunch I was delighted when we found a kebab shop! Kebabs are always good, very filling, and usually only €3.50. Foolproof. At this particular shop we also got a free drink with our student ID card! It was so delicious and held us off until later when the boys got pizza. My favorite item of the day was when we walked into a gelato shop and they had tiny cones for  50 cents! It was the perfect amount to try a new flavor or two without breaking the bank for a tiny scoop in a cup. I ended up with three, mandarin, mint, and then coffee.

We headed back to our hostel and finished the night with a movie and the decision to sleep in and check out as late as possible. This morning we made our way to the train station and caught a train to Venice where we are now! Our hotel is much nicer than the hostel we've been in the last few nights and it's in a good location. After we got here we found some food and then wandered around a Christmas market right outside our building. Tomorrow we will explore the streets of Venice!
Sheri Seibold
12/21/2012 08:17:12 pm

Shelby, I too would love the tiny cones. The other stuff is cool too, but the mini cones, now that's something to go to Florence for. :)


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