Feliz Sabado todos! It's a chilly morning here is Spain and as I browse my Facebook newsfeed I see photos of my dear aunt's flowers, all the way back in Kansas, still blooming this fall. They were so pretty and reminded me that I had taken some photos in Paris especially for Aunt Judy and my dad and never got around to posting them!

Our first day in Paris, after we went to Mass at Notre Dame, we walked about a block to Sainte Chapelle. On the way there, we stumbled upon a most strange market that sold two catagories of items: pets and pet supplies, and flowers and yard plants.

After gawking at the strange array of bunnies, birds, and chinchillas for sale, Rachel and I wandered over to a plant stand with beautiful flowers and grasses. I immediately thought of two people: my dad and my Aunt Judy.

 I've spent many Sundays walking around our local Family Tree Nursery with my dad, trying to find just the right flowering plant, exotic grass, or bush for a spot in the yard, and I know that Judy has spent a good deal of time doing the same. My dad loves grasses and I thought he would enjoying seeing these dusty-blue-green ones. Rachel and I walked around for a bit, commenting and taking photos, and I wished the two of them could have been there with me. 

Before I left this fall, my dad and I added some rose bushes to our selection of backyard plants. I think of them every so often, and I know that when they bloom in the spring he'll be thinking of me. I should be back just in time to see them in June and we will have many more gardening projects together to look forward to. 

11/10/2012 08:01:49 am

Your flowers and grasses are so pretty, Shel. I know your Dad and Auntie Judy will enjoy seeing what they have in France. Glad you and Rachel wandered over to the plants! Beautiful pictures!

Tu Tía Carmen
11/10/2012 09:00:43 am

A Paris flower market... creates a deep sigh of longing!

Sheri Seibold
11/10/2012 12:36:20 pm

Shelby, every day and yes today also your dad commented again on how the little rose bushes are just blooming away. I guess they are blooming for our girl, so far away.

I'm sure Auntie Carmen enjoyed seeing the flowers too. I think she'd have liked to be on your Paris trip, if I know her. You would have been stunned at how amazing the flower arrangements were that she did for the wedding, stunning!

Auntie Carmen/Tía Carmen
11/13/2012 12:37:39 pm

My dear Sheri,
I would indeed have loved to be in Paris w/ our sweet Shelby. Fortunately, she's a fantastic journalist & takes us along almost as if we were w/ her in all her travels. I thank you for your too kind compIiment about the wedding flowers. You were a great help to me on that time-crunched, stressful, yet privileged love-task for our Megan!

Auntie Judy
11/10/2012 11:53:40 pm

How fun to see flowers in another part of the world. I wish I could be there enjoying all the gardens with you. But for now I'll have to be content with just enjoying them through your camera lense. Seems as if you must just be having a blast seeing all these new sights, making fun new friends and getting to enjoy life in another corner of our amazing world. Hopefully by the time you arrive back in good old Kansas I'll be started on my new spring garden and you can come over and enjoy it with me. But in the meantime keep up the great job you are doing on your blog. I so enjoy it.


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