This weekend was the annual church/school campamento with ESDES! We've been hearing about it for a few weeks now, and the church seemed really excited to have us join them for the weekend. The group who went was pretty big, a mix of ACA kids, kids from the academy, Theology students, and local church members. 

We left on Friday at 5:00 for an hour bus ride to the coast north of Sagunto. I never guessed it would be as beautiful as it was! The camp was right on the ocean, where we could walk to various nearby beaches. The waterfront was very rocky with little coves and beaches winding back and forth. 
Friday night when we arrived, there was a schedule of activities for us including dinner, moving into our cabins, and of course a few quick bonding games and worship. The food during the whole weekend was good but very randomly selected. It was often hard to tell what was the main dish and what elements were supposed to go together. Breakfast was like a huge bread-and-chocolate-bar, which of course I loved (anything with carbs paired with nutella is AOK with me!). We got to talk to a few Europeans that night (since many of the kids who go here are actually Romanian) which was a great opportunity to practice our Spanish. 

Sabbath morning we awoke for breakfast and then had free time until church, during which a few of us when down to explore the beach during daylight. Church was translated for us which was a nice treat, and then we had more free time to go swimming. Saturday night activities included a huge race (sort of like track and field day at many academies) with teams and challenges and points and such. 

The coolest part about the whole weekend was getting to actually be right there on the Mediterranean. Sagunto has a nice beach, but it isn't exactly picturesque. This location, however, was absolutely beautiful and I couldn't believe the nice weather (considering it's October and at home and in Lincoln it's starting to very cold!). Here's a few pictures from all the fun we had:
Sheri Seibold
10/7/2012 10:56:37 pm

You do look like a happy camper and why shouldn't you . . . your at the Mediterranean. Oh my, jellies and shells for Shel. What a trip to remember.

10/7/2012 11:18:03 pm

Sounds like you had a great time camping. What a beautiful place! The sea is so beautiful! I love the pictures. Lots of people there, it sounds like. I'm happy you got to get acquainted with the Romanian's as well as other Europeans. What an experience!


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