Our final stop on Christmas vacation was Geneva! I was excited to see the city since my dad spent almost a year there, across the border in France. We arrived Thursday afternoon and looked around that evening for a bit before going back to our apartment and making a huge dinner. The fountain was on when we arrived and we discovered that we could see it from our place, right out the window! 

Geneva was a beautiful city. The next day we walked right up to the fountain, saw the cathedral and (of course) climbed the tower to see over the city. In the afternoon we decided to make our way into France to see Colonge, the French ACA school. We took a bus to the border and walked right over and up the hill to the school. The campus was lovely and the sun was just setting for Sabbath. We walked around a bit but didn't really see anyone since they were probably also still on break. We took the bus back and made another delicious dinner and went to bed early since we had to catch a train to Milan before our flight. Here's a few pictures from our last stop!
Yesterday we left early and after a slight time of panic which included us almost missing our train which would have caused us to miss our flight, we at last made it back to Valencia after nearly 12 hours of travel. It's so good to be back and to see everyone again! We also got assigned to our groups and Justin and I both got to move up to Group E! I'm so excited but nervous because it's going to be pretty hard. The good thing is that it will make me practice Spanish even more and hopefully bring me one step closer to fluency. I'll keep you all updated as the new semester begins! Happy January of 2013 everyone!
1/6/2013 07:07:29 am

Home again, home again---bet that feels pretty good. But what a three weeks you had---time you will never forget! I'm glad you got to spend a little time in Geneva and go to the ACA campus. Too bad no students were around. Now you will settle into a routine again---in Group E no less! I'm so proud of you and Justin and I know you will both do very well. Catch your breath before classes begin and don't forget---I love you good!

Sheri Seibold
1/6/2013 08:37:35 am

Yet another beautiful stop on your vacation before returning to Spain. I have had such a great time on this three week trip across Europe. You've made it seem like I was almost there with you.

Happy new year to you sweetheart, love ya goo, mom

1/14/2013 07:34:06 am

Shelby, I am always delighted with your writing, your ease of style, and the fullness of your blogs. Seriously think you should consider taking a few years and write travels articles, and or books as you seem to love exposing your readers to the places you have been and your feelings about the places.
You and Justin seem to be really falling into the Spanish language thing, so perhaps you and J. should join forces in a travel team and spend some time before each of you settle down. This is the time of your lives! Go for it! (ok, so thats G'Pa's 2 cents worth, or should I say with inflation, thats my $2.00 worth)
Love you two,


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