After being away from home for nearly six months, it's hard to believe that my mom and grandma actually have come to Europe to visit me. When I saw them walk through the gate at the Valencia airport it seemed a bit unreal that I was about to get to share this place that's been all mine with two of the best women in my life.

For the weekend we stayed around Sagunto and toured the Castle and the old neighborhood and enjoyed relaxing on campus. I went to class on Monday morning and then we came into Valencia where we are staying for two nights. It was good that the last few weeks I've been in Valencia so much because now I know my way around forward and backwards. We walked all the way through the old town, down through the park that runs across the city, all the way to the City of Arts and Science. They were real troopers! We took it slow and stopped and looked in some shops that I don't normally have a lot of time to see, and we spent a lot of time in the park looking at all the pretty trees that are blooming this time of year.
On the bridge over the park on the edge of the old town.
Our first stop this morning was the Mercado Central. We came here the first week of school but I haven't been back since and we really enjoyed seeing all the fresh fruits and veggies. We bought a blood orange and some dried coconut for a snack later. Then we walked through the small streets of the old town, saw the cathedral, and continued to the edge of the park. At the end of the day we stopped in Mercadona for some pasta and pesto, the traveler's choice of DIY dinner. It seems weird to make dinner while traveling without Justin and Ryan—these have been the first days we haven't been together in six months! But they are each with their parents as well and we're all having a great time. Tomorrow we're off for more adventures but for now a fresh pot of coffee awaits me. Oh the joys of renting apartments!
Sheri Seibold
3/26/2013 12:35:40 pm

Oh, Shel, I can't believe Grandma and I are with you in Spain and we have had a wonderful time meeting all of your friends and teachers, seeing Justin, being toured around Valencia and next . . . Barcelona. How lucky for us to be with you.

3/26/2013 01:28:35 pm

My heart is so happy for you three! I love all of the pictures. What a neat little apartment....and YAY for coffee!!! :) love you all goo! :)

Auntie J
3/26/2013 04:34:30 pm

oh how fun to see all 3 of you cute gals hanging out and making memories. I'm so thrilled you get to be together and experience Spain. Can hardly wait to hear all the stories Sheri...and then just weeks after get to hug that sweet lil' girl as she arrives home. Keep having a blast and be safe. Hugs all around.

Angila Milam
3/26/2013 04:57:50 pm

I'm so glad your mama & grandma are visiting you! Y'all must be having the best time! Tell your mom "hello" for me. I received her Valentine's card (always so cute)! Have fun you gals!

Just Jill
3/26/2013 06:08:58 pm

What an amazing adventure for all of you!

3/27/2013 06:30:28 am

Looks like you girls are having a blast! I check each day to see if you have added to your blog, and this morning I was pleased to see that we now have a lovely report.
Are these pictures the apartment you rented? Wow, nice.
I am so pleased that mom and grandma have been able to join you there, Have fun!


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