Here are a few quick photos of mi dormitorio here in españa! I brought my own thin blanket from IKEA (or... as they say it here... EE-KAY-UH) as wells as los mapas de la mundo (the maps of the world). It still feels like our room is pretty empty though, since two suitcases of stuff takes up a lot less space than a carload, like when I go to Union. I still needed it to feel like home, so I've got all my pictures and of course my cousin Megan's wedding invitation!

I'm also going to use this post to tell a little bit about the things in Spain that are different than in the US or different than I expected. Like I've said before, the prices of some things are surprising. It's so funny to be that they sell Little Debbies (or something very similar) in the individual packets for almost $4 a piece! Most of them are at least €3. It's totally outrageous. The nice thing is that all the fresh baked bread and pastries are pretty cheap! A big loaf of french bread is between €0.45-0.77, sometimes even for packs of two. They also have crescents in all the grocery bakeries with many variations... some filled with nutella, some dipped in chocolate, some very tiny. 

Another thing I notice a lot here is the smells. Two nights ago it rained quite a bit, and yesterday the air was thick and humid but smelled so good! We think it is some kind of plant that gives off a pleasant scent when it rains, but we're not sure. It smells sort of like cinnamon sugar or something like that. There are also a lot more pine trees up here by the school than I thought there would be! So those smell nice and piney too. 

There are also funny things, like the light switches that seem the opposite of what they should be. Also we saw our first tiny lizard last night! My mom had just asked me if I had seen any (when I told her that we all sleep with windows open) and a few hours later, there it was! Then I got up to my room and there was one right in our sliding door track. I hope he didn't get squashed in there. Anyway, here's a few more photos of my room!

9/25/2012 03:04:27 pm

The maps looks great on your wall!!! and I love your EE-KAY-UH blanket! :)


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