Happy New Year everyone! We spent a drowsy New Year's Eve in Interlaken, where we went crazy buying soda and fries and fell asleep to the sound of fireworks as everyone else brought in the new year. On Monday morning we left Salzburg with a 5 hour train ride followed by two more train rides that were about an hour and a half each. We got to Interlaken and found a tiny grocery store where I was delighted to discover that Switzerland believes in the sweet nectar of life, Dr. Pepper!

The Swiss Alps are beautiful and even though we only stayed in Interlaken one night, we spend the whole morning walking around and down to one of the lakes. It was cold but there was virtually no wind and the views were spectacular. I also enjoyed using francs as a currency because they are so colorful! However, food was very pricey there and even french fries were about 6 francs. 

After our walk, we caught the train around 3:30 and got to Domodossola by 6. It's weird because technically we are in Italy again so we're back to using euros for the night, but we'll be spending time in Switzerland. Tomorrow we are going to Zermatt to see the Matterhorn and ski in the alps!
1/1/2013 03:42:20 pm

I can see why you like having francs---they ARE very colorful. Bet you're having a great time, what with "pepper juice" and all that colorful money to spend on it! Love your pictures, Shelby. I'm sure the six of you are loving every minute of the beauty. In just a few days, you'll be headed back to ESDES, so take it all in and enjoy it all! (By the way, it was a real thrill to talk to you and Justin yesterday.) Love you good.

1/2/2013 08:05:48 am

Sweet nectar for my sweet girl! Oh happy day! That's a great way to start off the new year. Not to mention being in beautiful Switzerland. Have fun in the alps, and go on the Matterhorn ride for me. :)


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