Saturday night was our banquet with our teachers and some of the kids from the high school. It was rather chilly and windy, so instead of having it on the roof we had it in the Frontera. Rachel and Justin sang a song, as did many others, and we all enjoyed a little time out of class with our teachers. 

I can't believe how lucky I have been to have Rachel here with me this year. We've known each other since first grade and we've been through almost 15 years of our lives together. Our senior year Rachel transferred to UCA in Washington and that is the only year we haven't been in school together. When I started thinking about Spain, Rachel randomly brought up that she was thinking of studying abroad as well. We helped each other through the whole visa process and even tried our best to find flights together (an endeavor that failed in the end). I couldn't have made it through this year without her, and I'm so glad that we are going to continue to be together for the next two years at WWU.
Here's a few more photos from Saturday night's festivities. On Sunday we had the Día de la Familia when all the families come from the church for a big social event, including a "mercado americano" where we all can sell whatever we don't want to take home, like a big garage sale. After was a huge paella feed made in the biggest pan I've ever seen!
Sheri Seibold
5/24/2013 03:07:30 pm

Oh Shel, you know this blog post is dear to my heart as Rachel has also been so dear to me over the last 15 years. Even through the visa and flight struggles of getting you girls to Spain, she could only laugh and never seemed mad about those situations. The girl just can't help smiling. And one more thing . . . you girls are looking goo in that photo.

Tu Tía Carmen
5/29/2013 10:49:53 am

That's it! Exactly what I want you to bring back for me as un recuerdo de España! It'll be a wonderful pan for church potlucks.

Oh, my, I can hardly believe your time in Spain—for this trip—is over. You've disappointed me in one thing only. My dream was that you'd meet & marry a Spaniard, giving the fam a place to stay in Spain for years to come! Was that so much to expect? You do have a few hours left...see what you can do.

I'm praying & hoping your trip home is safe & easy, mi querida sobrinita! I look forward to seeing you soon, you European seasoned traveler, you!!


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