Even though I'm four thousand miles away (and it's barley after midnight in the States), I want to say happy Mother's Day to my dear mother. I wish I could be home today with her, not for a typical "let's wait in line with everyone and their mother Mother's Day brunch at IHOP," but to spend time together OUR way, thrifting, drinking coffee, talking, watching Friends and Modern Family, going to estate sales, finding treasures, and getting 59 cent soft drinks at QuikTrip! 

My mom has supported me this entire year and I can't believe I've been able to make it nine months on a different continent as her. Even from a distance she's been here for me and helped me through some of the hardest decisions of my life, but also smiled and laughed with me over some of the greatest accomplishments of my year abroad. Mom, thank you for being the best mom and friend I could ever, ever ask for. 
Me and Justin with my mom at our third birthday.
I was lucky enough to have my mom and grandma visit me for spring break and we spent 5 days in Valencia and Barcelona. What resulted was one of the most fun weeks ever, spent mostly talking, sightseeing, drinking coffee, talking, taking photos, and maybe a little more talking. 

My grandma is another very, very special lady in my life and words cannot express how lucky all of her grandchildren are to have her. Not a week has gone by without emails, snail mail letters, or phone calls between my grandma and I. Since she found out Justin and I would be coming to Spain, it was her goal to come and visit us. I am so, so proud of her and my mom for traipsing around Spain with me and living out her Spain dream. 

With that, I wish Happy Mother's Day not just to my mom and grandma, but also all the other women in my life who have meant the world to me. Aunt Rhonda, Judy, Carmen, and Neta have shown me what it means to be strong, beautiful, brave, loving women and I thank them for their roles in my life.

 ¡Feliz Día de la Madre!
5/12/2013 08:40:22 pm

Shelby, this is a BEAUTIFUL TRIBUTE to your momma & your grammy, too. Loved reading it & also being able to meet your mom & grandma this year. Not to mention YOU! What a bunch of lovely ladies.

5/12/2013 10:54:02 pm

Oh Shelby, you are so sweet! I still can't believe that the two little three year olds pictured above are nearly 21 now and are just completing a school year of study in Spain. It's just unbelievable! You both are so grown up now and it has been so much fun watching you in that process. I will never, never, never forget the fun time we had in Spain.

Thank you so much, Shelby, for your sweet words about your mom and me. And don't forget---

I love you really good,

Sheri Seibold
5/13/2013 05:52:03 am

When Auntie Judy and I were out thifting today for mom's day without our favorite thrifter daughters with us, she said, "oh, my, Shel has a post up about you" and I told her she'd better not read it to me while I was driving because of course I would start crying and she would too and that's not safe. Now your friends will realize that you not only get the flowing tears from your mom's side of the fam, but your dad's side too. I wanted to be home and read this post once I could sit with my box of tissues and take it all in. You and your brother are the reason mother's day is so wonderful, not the day but what the day means to me. I have been so fortunate to be the mom of two of the greatest kids this earth has ever known. How blessed am I to get to have that each day of my life? Very, very blessed! Thank you, sweetheart. I love you good, Mom


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