It's hard to believe I've been back in the States almost a week now. Since I haven't actually been home, it's been a little strange to know that I'm back, but I haven't seen my family or been to my house. After we got back on Friday, we stopped by Justin's house to drop off the luggage and grab a quick bite to eat before heading to Austin's Friday night Consecration service. Even though I felt a little out of it, I didn't really get sleepy until the very end of the service. Austin graduated from academy this last weekend and I was so glad I got to be here to see it. I saw Ryan and Rachel there since they went to the same school and Rachel's younger sister was graduating as well. 

Sabbath morning we went to church run by the school and Sunday we went to the commencement. Afterwards, we enjoyed lunch at a family favorite, the Spaghetti Factory. 
Monday night the boys went to a Mumford and Sons concert while Ryan and I spent some time with Seth who also flew into the SoCal area. We spent some time at Ryan's house and had our first American Taco Bell experience since leaving. It was so good to spend some time with friends and I was glad we didn't have to say our goodbyes just yet. 

Tuesday we went to the park and Chipotle with Ryan and finished out the evening with the first two Back to the Future movies which I've been trying to convince Ryan to watch all year. We had thought about going to Disneyland on Wednesday but started to decide against it. When both Justin and Ryan woke up feeling sort of sick, we were glad we hadn't planned on the Happiest Place on Earth because, really, it would have just been The Most Expensive Sick Day on Earth. Instead we called up Seth and the five of us headed to the beach. We had a great day in the sun and finished it off with In-n-Out burgers.

I'm sure there will be many chances in the future to visit Disneyland, and being here with some of my favorite friends is enough for me. I've been to nine countries this year and countless other destinations and mini-trips and I've realized that it doesn't really matter where in the world you are, when you are with the people you love, any place can be the Happiest Place on Earth. 
Sheri Seibold
6/6/2013 08:52:49 pm

Shel, I'm so glad you got to spend a week in SoCal with four of your best friends. What a way to come back to the states, spread out those goodbyes, and ease into your world back home. Now that you've been to many “happiest” places on earth, we can't wait for you to get back home and make Kansas the happiest place on earth for us . . . there's no place like home!


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