...with the sound of music! The Sound of Music tours are a big deal here and Salzburg and we wanted to make sure we saw it all, so we booked one. It was a little bit hard to take pictures of everything since we were in a van but here's a few. We got to see the two houses that they used for the front and back of the Von Trapp home, the lake that the children fall into, the 16-going-on-17 gazebo, the church that Maria and the captain get married in, and more. Our guide also told us a lot of interesting facts about the movie making and why some things look different. For example, the church that the wedding was filmed in is actually quite small, so they filmed Maria and Lesile walking four times and used them all. Here's a few pictures from the day!
Auntie Judy
12/30/2012 05:42:45 am

Loveliness! Must be so fun to see all these cool places from The Sound of Music....pretty much my favorite musical of all times. Knowing that you are having such a wonderful time with friends makes up for the fact that we miss you so much. And....it makes me feel like I've traveled along with you kinda'....maybe someday you could lead our family on a tour of your favorite places? Oh...I'd love that. Hugs dear girl.

Sheri Seibold
12/30/2012 01:06:54 pm

These are a few of my favorite things! Makes me want to put the movie on right now. Dad says he's never watched it, so now he must. Love all of the beautiful coloring of the buildings. Love all the smiling faces of you kids. You are a few of my favorite ones. Enjoy the week!

This is one of my favorite-FRIENDS things . . . of music! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oZ1fPfIIgkI

Susan Tucker
1/2/2013 09:25:26 am

What?!? Tom has never seen The Sound of Music?
Forget games and talking politics the next time you are in OK ... we are watching the best musical of all time with Shelby giving us the behind the movie scene scoop! I can sing every song and say most of Maria's lines. :)


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