...does fall mainly on the plain. Well, this week, it's falling mainly on us, on the coast. It's hard to believe that last Sunday was sunny and 95º and now it's raining and 65º (F). And I'm from KANSAS where the weather changes every five minutes! Still, it's really nice because it's much better than the first two or three nights when we had to sleep with all the windows open and it was SO hot and humid!

Anyway, Thursday and Friday were normal school days after our Sagunto trip on Wednesday. Classes have been ok, but it's still really hard to sit in a class and not understand anything without making a HUGE effort. I know I am learning, but it seems so slow and I hate the feeling of having to ask what a word means over and over again. Oh, well, I guess that's why I'm here! 

Last night Rachel and I tried a zumba class here at ESDES! It was absolutely hilarious. We had about 30 girls jammed in a tiny room trying to follow a very Spanish dance/workout. Rachel and I could not stop laughing. We were in the very back and couldn't see the teacher at all, and most of us have no rhythm what so ever. However, it got our blood pumping and warmed us up on the cold, rainy evening!

This afternoon we took our weekly trip to Carrefour. I needed a few more items (cotton balls, sink cleaning spray, and nutella to name a few!). Probably my favorite find was nutella in a cute snoopy glass jar! It actually didn't cost more than the other nutella and now I'll have a fun pencil cup! Anyway, even though it's pretty much just like Walmart, everything seems so much more interesting! Maybe it's the rush of trying to figure out if you are buying sugar-free cookies (luckily I spotted "sin azucar" before I made that tragic decision!) or normal ones, questioning why the delicious baked goods are right next to the octopus legs, or trying to figure out how many euros you have in coins. We also cannot figure out why in the world we can't find note cards. I've never used them for studying before, but suddenly I just want to carry notecards around all the time and write words down as I learn them in conversation. Oh, and today we practiced (self-taught) how to speak in the past and future tenses. Justin and I have both done some research outside of class to try to practice the conjugations. Hopefully it will start coming more easily soon!

Anyway, here's a quick picture of the sunset last night! No big deal, just where I live :)

Sheri Seibold
9/29/2012 09:00:28 am

Okay, so your sunset wins.:) As you looked at the beautiful pink glow over the Mediterranean, hours later we were seeing our hazy mauve sunset over the new Ikea location as we went on our evening walk. Well, I'd still choose your location for a sunset, but I'm not gonna lie to ya, our sunsets here in Kansas are going to start looking a lot nicer once we have that Ikea to have it set over every evening. :)

10/8/2012 01:18:02 am

Ohhhh my goodness that photo! So beautiful! (and love the snoopy glass jar!)


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