Today was our last day in Mallorca and we had a great time! (scroll down to see our first day). We started out the morning with crepes, thanks to Justin and Jon, Crepe Boss chefs, topped with cream cheese, jam, and powdered sugar. We rushed through a quick kitchen clean-up and apartment organization, changed into our swimsuits, and headed to the nearest paddle board renting shop. 

I've heard a lot about paddleboarding from Justin, who loves it and encouraged us to give it a try. Since it was morning the water was super smooth and easy to paddle without falling off. We went pretty fast and as I looked down I realized that the water was SO clear and you could even see the white sand on the bottom. As we got further out, the water turned dark blue as we floated over a reef. We paddled along quite a way, took a quick break, found another jellyfish, and then paddled back. I'm so glad I tried paddleboarding because it was so relaxing and beautiful!
Our apartment was in a great location, not central Palma, but a smaller town down the coast with a lot to offer. It had a very beach-town vibe that was a bit touristy but also very convenient for biking or walking to any of the many shops, grocery stores, or rental booths close by. After paddleboarding, we decided to spend some time on the beach. Jon and Josh and I went to get some fries at Burger King, and as we waited outside a gelato shop, Ryan ran up and told us that the lady came to clean the apartment early and we had to get out. Yesterday I talked to the man and he said we could have until 2:00 but she showed up at 12:00 so we had to quickly pack our bags so she could clean. She let us keep the bags there until 3:00 though, so we changed and decided to spent a few free hours walking around the area. 

Before long, we saw a bike shop and joked that we should rent those crazy peddle/bike things for six. Just as we thought we couldn't get any cooler, we did! We divided out the price and it was very cheap so we decided to give it a shot! It was so funny to ride along the beach, peddling like crazy in our little contraption. 

After the bike cart, Ryan and Jon decided that they really wanted to try the fish foot massages we saw close to our apartment. It was so funny! Justin tried too, and the first few minutes were very ticklish for him! They enjoyed it a lot though, and afterwards we walked up to the kebab shop for samosas before meeting at the apartment and heading to the airport. 

I'm so glad we had one last mini-trip before the year is over. I had such a good time with some of the best friends I could ask for. Everything we did was amazing and I'll remember this little weekend getaway forever.
5/12/2013 08:02:05 am

I'm so happy you got to make one last mini-trip before you head for home, and it looks like you're having a wonderful time. So keep the peddles and paddles going as long as you can before you head back to ESDES to finish up your year abroad!

Sheri Seibold
5/12/2013 03:16:00 pm

I love that picture of Justin with the little fishy foot massage. It says it all. What a fun day. Just like Justin's feet, I'm tickled you kids got this last trip in, and you're right you'll never ever forget it. Oh, and of course one last trip for Ryan and the gang on RyanAir, you all had to love that! Or at least that is was short and quick and landed safely.


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