Yesterday was the trip to Valencia for groups D, E, and F. This outing was all day, from 9 to 6, and we had three segments. On the first part we toured the city in our bus while Ana pointed out various attractions. We saw Oceanografica, the largest aquarium in Europe, the Plaza del Toros where the bull fights take place, and the University of Valencia. Next, we went on a walking tour through the historic part of town. 

The first place we went was the Valencia Cathedral, where we climbed 207 steps to the top of the Miguelete, un Torre gótica de la catedral (the gothic tower of the church). The cathedral was built in different parts, mainly during the 1200-1300s, and the bell tower was constructed in 1381. Sadly, we didn't spend much time inside but we did get a glimpse into the Chapel of St. Vincent the Martyr. We also got to spend a nice amount of time at the top of the tower, overlooking the whole city.

 To learn more about the Valencia Cathedral, visit their website here. This site is very informative and has lots of information about the holy chalice, the tower, and the interior of the church. 

The next place we walked to was the Plaza de la Virgen where a ceremony (Tribunal de Agua) was taking place. I wish I could tell you what exactly went on here, but the crowd was so big that I couldn't see any of it. Still, we got to see the Santa María Cathedral and the Puerto de los Apostoles which I think was in my Arts and Ideas book last year. Next was another church whose name escapes me at the moment (and my google searches aren't getting me anywhere). We then headed to La Lonja, a gothic style civil building built in the late 1400s. Soon after that we were set free to roam the city for a few hours. 
I wish I had more information about the places we went and the things we saw, but since the tour was in spanish and the group was large, it was hard for me to catch a lot of the information. Hopefully sometime I can go back and look at some of the historic area some more. 

Today we had two classes and now we are heading off to go on a church/school campout for the weekend. After class this morning we got our passports back after the school applied for our permanent residency cards, and we got ESDES tshirts and Spanish Bibles! We get to use them (or try to) this weekend during all the church activities. 

I hope everyone has a fantastic fin de semana and a feliz Sabado!
Sheri Seibold
10/5/2012 09:02:39 am

beautiful photos, cute college kids, interesting foods, and fun trinkets in the shops~love it all!

10/5/2012 09:37:18 am

AH! I have been eagerly awaiting this blog post! Love all the pictures! Those stairs are super cool...aaaaand I really really really want some of that pineapple juice and a churro! mmmm.

10/5/2012 09:40:37 am

P.S. I just love the elaborate detailing in all of the buildings!! It makes a lot of our buildings here in the US look extra square and flat and not as fancy....So neat seeing the differences in architecture!

Tu Tía Carmen
10/5/2012 11:19:01 am

¡Maravillosas fotos! Each one makes me happy for you & sad for me not being there.

Have you had hot chocolate yet? Maybe the weather's still too warm. Spain has The. Best. Hot. Chocolate. In. The. Universe.
Like a hot thin pudding, almost, & intensely chocolate. The classic pairing for churros. There are cafes that specialize in just these 2 things, w/ different options for the hot chocolate. Heavenly.
(Maybe you're not a chocolate person? Recommend it to others if you're not.)

10/8/2012 01:23:51 am

Your photos are so amazing Shelby, I seriously feel like I can live a little vicariously through you :) And that church ceiling--breathtaking!


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