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Yesterday was our second day of classes here at ESDES. Grupo D had only 2, Gramática y Conversacion. Since we were done at about 11, five of us decided to walk into town and back before our 3:00 meeting about dorm rules. Since it was almost lunch time we decided that we would just stop and grab some food wherever looked good. 

The walk into Sagunto was made more interesting since it rained a few days ago and the tunnel we use to pass under the highway was very muddy. The boys help make a path out of rocks for us girls in sandals and we were on our way. When we got to the Marcadora (a little grocery store market) we decided to each buy something for lunch. Seth and I each bought a loaf of bread, Jessica got cheese, and Justin and Rachel went in on grapes. We sat outside in an area near a little monument (or something) and ate our little lunch. 

Instead of walking straight south to the beach as we have done before, we decided to try heading west toward the other side of town and the hills of Sagunt with the ancient Roman theater. What we found was so much nicer than the bustling streets we had been on. Instead there were small alleys and roads that twisted and turned. It seemed so European! Here's a few photos of the area we explored:

9/22/2012 02:48:03 pm

Shel, I just love all the photos of the town and surrounding area. And of course you are describing daily life there so accurately that I can almost feel as if I'm there. Enjoy! Love, mamacita

10/8/2012 01:05:55 am

What an adventure! I love the tree painted on the side of that building!


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