We got up early this morning because we had an appointment at the Vatican at nine. With no problems with the commuter train this morning, we arrived early and got to skip the lines to get in. We first walked through the giant museum part that leads up to the Sistine Chapel. It took quite a while to walk through that part, which was interesting but started getting a little crowded with tour groups. We at last made it to the Sistine Chapel and spend a good deal of time there. I don't have any pictures because they yell at you if you try to take them. It sort of rains on your parade so I didn't bother trying.

After the chapel we walked out of Vatican city at the museum exit and then around to St. Peter's Basilica. Here we got to see the Pieta and walked around for awhile. Since we got such an early start, we were done with Vatican city by around 1:30 and stopped for sandwiches. The weather predicted a high percentage chance of rain, but luckily we managed to stay dry all day!

From the Vatican we took the metro to the Bocce della Verita, the Mouth of Truth, as seen in Roman Holiday! Apparently it was popularized by the movie and now there is a short line and you have to pay 50 cents. We waited for about ten minutes and got to take our photo. From there we walked to the metro along a huge road where we got to see all the Roman ruins around the Colosseum from a distance. It was so cool!

Austin asked if we were interested in seeing Paul's chains and the Moses statue that he saw on the first day before we arrived. We decided it would be a good stop and it was worth it! It was in a rather small, uncrowded church and was only a short walk from the metro. For the evening we planned to finish soon after sundown with Gelato and the Trevi fountain again before coming back early to cook at home. 

We stopped for Gelato at Giolitti which was delicious! I tried a mix of coconut, nutella, and café. Once we got home we ran across the street to the grocery store and got pasta, cheese, sauce, and bread, and made a delicious dinner. Tomorrow: off to a new location!
"G'ma" Sue
12/18/2012 04:41:51 am

Love this, Shelby! G'pa and I talk ALL THE TIME about how happy we are that you're there, and that Austin has been able to join you! What a wonderful, life changing, enriching experience for you all!
...AND, the photos! What a perfect collection of photos! Any viewer can feel the excitement, sense your experiences, and feel your commaradary! (sp?) We're proud and oh! so happy for you all!

12/18/2012 07:05:12 am

Looks like you're having a great time, Shel---your pictures are so good, the Gelato looks good and your dinner, I'm sure was very good! Keep having a fun time and be safe.

Sheri Seibold
12/18/2012 07:18:22 am

Shel, you really are having a Roman Holiday! Next, I want you see you all riding around on vespas. Choose pink for me!

So, I see you didn't get the memo that your dinner attire must have stripes. :)

Geni Krogstad
12/18/2012 10:50:11 am

I am so proud of you Shelby, Justin and Austin, and of your Mamas, too, for being willing to do without you over Christmas so the three of you can be together on this awesome, unforgettable adventure. Shelby, thank you for documenting and sharing this trip and your entire experience. Your blog is beautiful. Please enjoy the food in Italy for me and Jude! We are jealous! (If you like espresso, please have at least one affogato for us.) Some time we will have to tell you all about our trip to Italy with Aunt Donna. I'm sure your trip will be a highlight for you like ours was for us, with as many funny stories attached. LOL! Love you all real good. Geni

12/18/2012 01:33:42 pm

Again love your headband/ear warmer! I'm think I'm going to have to knit up some of these.

Rhonda Mock
12/19/2012 12:47:20 pm

Again, thanks so much for the pictures and description of your trip. I feel almost like I am there. I miss you all but I am so glad that you can have this experience. Dad and I miss you Austi and Justi and love you more!

12/21/2012 08:52:04 pm

Shelby and Justin,
I had gelato in this same place 40 years ago! You are shooting award winning photos!
G'P Clyde


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